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In memory of the massive earthquake that hit Japan in 2011 and inspired by the Japanese appreciation for beauty, simplicity and harmony, I created this series of photos titled "Ephemeral Beauty."

The images are an attempt to convey one of the Japanese life philosophies. Enjoy and appreciate the simple beauty and moments of life while reflecting on its impermanence and fleeting moments. This idea describes the Japanese art of noticing the little things that often go unseen, like the ephemeral beauty of a flower that blooms for a short period of time.

➤ All images are Limited Edition prints of a certain number and are printed in a professional photographic laboratory. Premium inks are used to ensure the finest tonal variations, clarity of image and vivid colours with a life span of over 100 years. The images are printed on heavy weight Fine Art paper, with an elegant white border around it.

➤ Each print is numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Once all the numbers of the Edition are printed, no more prints will be produced.

➤ Packaging: Each print is given a protective cover and placed in a secure tailor-made carton or tube, to ensure it will reach you in excellent condition.

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