Last Chance consists of a series of images that attempt to visually interpret, in a minimal and abstract way, the current environmental changes that are negatively affecting the landscape and future of our planet. My inspiration came from a combination of photos I took at an impressive metal installation at an old mine site in Belgium, and from a series of pine trees I shot in Italy. To add texture in this work, I implemented acrylic brush strokes, which I first painted on a canvas surface. I completed the images by adding parts of recent newspaper articles, the articles referring to global warming and climate change.

The photographic images of the pine trees, fundamentally symbols of longevity, fertility and hope, serve as the means to interpret the life and longevity of our environment and of our planet. The images of the metal structures are an attempt to represent the expansive human construction that is suffocating our environment, partly due to deforestation and overpopulation.

These human activities, as well as the overconsumption and overexploitation of natural resources, are causing damage to the environment. Global warming, ozone depletion, toxic spills, unusual flashes of floods, acid rain, pollution of the soil, the sea and the air, are some of the many adverse consequences affecting our planet. Some such consequences I have attempted to depict in this body of work.

Understanding the impacts of these changes is critical for evaluating the true complications that climate change is causing to our environment. This may be our Last Chance to make the right choices about energy production and consumption.

Our Last Chance to take the urgent steps needed in order to save our planet.

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