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 "Eternal Stones" is a collection of photos produced in Limited Edition prints. The collection consists of a series of photographic compositions depicting ancient stones, rocks and old marble walls, all of which I photographed along the Via Sacra, inside the Roman Forum. The ancient ruins of the Roman Forum are one of the greatest sights in all of Italy. The ruins depict the ancient civilisation of the Roman Empire, one of history’s greatest empires. During my editing process, I isolated these stones from their surroundings and recomposed them in minimal ways. I combined the images of the stones with photos of marble backgrounds which I shot inside the Temple of Romulus. My aim through the compositions of rocks was to evoke the beauty, strength and power of the ancient Roman civilisation. Although weathered by time, these scattered and fragmented stones remain an eternal symbol of power of a monumental past.

➤ All images are Limited Edition prints of a certain number and are printed in a professional photographic laboratory. Premium inks are used to ensure the finest tonal variations, clarity of image and vivid colours with a life span of over 100 years. The images are printed on heavy weight Fine Art paper, with an elegant white border around it.

➤ Each print is numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Once all the numbers of the Edition are printed, no more prints will be produced.

➤ Packaging: Each print is given a protective cover and placed in a secure tailor-made carton or tube, to ensure it will reach you in excellent condition.

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