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Having Fun

Having Fun

Despina Zaimis

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These young boys were having fun, jumping from a floating platform and diving into the water, in a lake somewhere in northern Holland.

"Having Fun" is printed on heavy weight, natural white, cotton paper to ensure beautiful natural black and white tones, vibrant highlights and strong colour contrasts. The latest digital technology is used in a professional photographic laboratory with the use of the most modern printing technology, to ensure a professional high quality print with a lifespan of decades.

The photo is printed with an elegant white border around it, without cutting into the selected size of your print.

LIMITED EDITION: Each print is numbered and signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All limited editions include 2 artist proofs.
The production of prints will stop after the limited edition prints are sold out.

PACKAGING: Each print is given a protecting cover and placed in a secure tailor- made carton or tube, to ensure it will reach you in perfect condition.